Why Printable Coupons?

Printable coupons give your consumer something tangible to walk into your store with. When printed it is a reminder that the business is running a special or promotion. Printable coupons are easily available online now more than ever. Take advantage in capturing new cliental and create a long lasting customers.

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Exchange Advertising

With Exchange Advertising you get rewarded for just getting consumers to your landing page. Coupon Simon provides advertising tools and tips to help you promote your landing page. While your promotion is the prominent one on the page you'll be exposing other businesses promotions and get rewarded for it. The more views you create the more free advertising you get for your promotions.

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Create as many coupons as you would like with our free coupon maker. For a bigger selection of coupon designs create a free account and use our custom coupon make.  
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  Coupon Simon has made it easy for you to get your discount and promotion to you consumers. With our Advertising Exchange and Geo Targeting programs we make it easy for our visitors to find those special deals in their local areas.  
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